Employment - Internship

On the basis of the provisions of the Internship Law, Article 4 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 98/19) and the GBC Communications Program, the following is published:



GBC Communications DOOEL Stip needs 4 (four persons) interns in the following areas:

- Service and maintenance Radio cafe and Multimedia center;

- Food production;

- Food service;

- Food distribution; and

- Organizing special promotional events.

All interested parties up to 34 years old who wish to become a part of our company can apply for this internship call by submitting their CV. vrabotuvanje@gbccom.com.mk or at the offices of GBC Communications located at 5th Party Conference No. 32A, more precisely at Multimedia Center Kanal 77, us. Senjak.


Requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • not being employed, that is, being unemployed, reported to the Employment Service Agency;
  • not older than 34 years;
  • not to provide practical training in another company or public institution;
  • have at least elementary education.


The intern will receive:

  • will receive practical training of 3 months or 6 months;
  • a Certificate will be issued upon completion of the practical training;
  • does not lose the status of unemployed person, but will be reported to the Employment Agency as an intern;


The terms, rights and obligations will be set out in a Contract, which will be concluded between the intern and GBC Communications, in accordance with the GBC Communications Program.


GBC Communications DOOEL Stip

Stip, 29.10.2019 Manager Goran Gavrilov

Internship Program