Macedonian Media Service is a company founded in 2008 and owns the website . Macedonian Media Service is a subsidiary of GBC Komunikacii as well as the national radio Channel 77.

Main activity of Macedonian Media Service is a production of multimedia content, which is published through the basic information portal . This content is intended for the general public and the media that will use the service.

Macedonian Media Service There is a tendency for 80 % of the placed contents to be of their own production, and the remaining 20% to be obtained through cooperation with other relevant media from Macedonia and the region, with which we have signed agreements for mutual download of contents. The biggest challenge of Macedonian Media Service are research stories that can contribute to the improvement of social developments in Macedonia and be a corrector of the government.

Macedonian Media Service has 8 full-time employees (editor, journalists and IT) who daily produce authorial texts of informative and entertaining nature and take care of the smooth functioning and operation of the portal.

Macedonian Media Service is a member of the professional association IAB, member of the Media Ethics Council of the Republic of Macedonia (SEMM) and a signatory of the declaration of respect for copyright and related. The business policy of MMS is to respect all legal and professional norms in the media while the journalists from our editorial office are members of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of Macedonia (AJM).

Macedonian Media Service is officially measured through the new Ipsos meter, Dotmetrix, which will be the official meter of the online media in Macedonia recognized by the media, marketing agencies and advertisers.

We expect all business and highly professional organizations and institutions, including marketing and PR agencies, that strive for high standards and professionalization of the media, transparency of ownership, and support for professional journalism, to support the work and direct collaboration.